Acne linked to Eating

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We have all heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Maybe this saying has more weight then you think. A healthy diet, well-balanced meals, and proper care will keep you fit in all aspects. 

Eating a good nutritional diet can help clear up your skin. Yogurt, a probiotic, is a great example of food that we should have in our meals. 

Fatty acids and whole grains are other great foods to incorporate into our diet. Fatty acids help your skin retain water and stay moisturized to give a glow to the skin, plus helping to smooth out stressed skin. You can find them in fish, almonds, and flax seed. 

Whole grains help to flush out toxins to give your skin a nice clear appearance.  Brown and wild rice are good sources of whole grain. Vitamin B, found in avocados and walnuts, help to balance your hormones. Unbalanced hormones are one of the main causes of acne. 

Foods that can cause acne are all around us. They're tempting and sometimes hard to resist but it's up to us to make the right choices, which will help us to have clean and healthy skin. 

Caffeine, sugar, processed and greasy foods are all foods that need to be avoided. They can cause dry dehydrated skin, inflammation of your skin, damaging cells, and unbalanced hormones. These are just a few things to avoid.  People can also become allergic or sensitive to things like milk, cheese, some meats. It’s important to see a skin professional who can help you determine a good diet for you and your skin type. 

It sometimes seems like it’s difficult to incorporate healthy choices but adding simple steps to healthy skin can become easy. Like add water, keeping yourself hydrated. Eating more fruit, watermelon and berries.  These things aren’t hard to do, but they require discipline. When that doesn’t work, seek out a skin care professional to help you.

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