About Me

Skincare starts with self care. When you love yourself that's when the real transformation starts. Loving yourself can mean & come in different ways. Create your own journey to self care with the various handpicked available in our shop.

In the shop, you'll find sense tangling aroma therapy candles to the ultimate revolutionary rejuvenating handheld device. Every journey is unique & requires a outlook view on the experience & goal. Start off simple. One step at a time. 

Personal Favorites Self Love Products:

Energy Candle - When I'm ready to take on a goal with head on! This is Lit (lol) Aroma candles are my favorite way to set the mood. Especially these formulated by an physician with wellness in mind! The fun part about the candles is stones; reuse the stones to make an necklace, place them under your pillow, put them in your back pocket during the day. 

Dermal Repair Cream - This cream is my Go-To for almost everything, post derma rolling, anti-aging, post micro-needling, works as a extra hydrating product during the winter, plumps the skins, great for sensitive skin. If you did a consultation with me, I most likely recommended this to you :)

Rose Quartz Roller - Aside from the all the Instagram stories you can create with this simple tool, it has been the "stepping stone" for most of my client into self care skincare. Rose Quartz is a natural cold stone so it's great for depuffing anti-inflammatory, & relaxing tool. The stone is a ultimate beauty stone because it promotes self love+care

MySkinBuddy - I LOVE THIS ONE for so many reason! The fact that this device has 4 setting is revolutionary! It does all skincare modalities you would want! LED Light...yea, Red, Blue, & Green, Both positive & negative charged-ions to help with product penetration, & more!!! It's easy to travel, can be a great gift because it can be for literally everyone! 

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Currently I'm offer FREE SKINCARE 15 min. Consultation. Book your consultation today so we can connect via Zoom!

-Show me the products & tool your using from the comfort of your own home.

-We will discuss your skincare goal

-what products to use

-review your current skincare routine

-make any additional recommendation to achieve self-love with skincare.

Email supreetskin@gmail.com

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